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Connect with Shabbir Mellick


Shabbir Mellick, a pharmacist independent prescriber, is a multifaceted professional who wears many hats in his journey to support mental health. Over the past few years, he has transformed into an author, speaker, cognitive behavioural therapy coach, and the founder of Fitrah Designs. Initially focused on promoting wellbeing, Fitrah Designs aims to challenge and rectify the taboos surrounding mental health and wellbeing. Shabbir actively engages with the community by collaborating with schools, community organisations, and GP surgeries to raise awareness about mental health.

Shabbir's remarkable achievements include the creation of a series of wellbeing activity books that assist individuals in managing stress, worry, and depression. These award-winning publications earned him the prestigious "Community Pharmacist of the Year 2019" award from Chemist + Druggist, as well as the "Above and Beyond" award and "Public Health Champion of the Year" award in 2020.

One of Shabbir's latest projects involves working with the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School to develop a specialised six-week wellbeing program for students. He has written the program and accompanying wellbeing books, which are being funded by Two Chicks, a company that produces egg white products.

In addition to his contributions in mental health support, Shabbir has extended his reach by collaborating with clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to provide enhanced care for patients. He has plans to establish a six-week program of cognitive behavioural therapy workshops to assist patients who have recently been diagnosed with anxiety or depression.

Passionate about serving the community, Shabbir dedicates his efforts to various community projects, inspiring the public through his talks and curated bite size learning videos. He has partnered with Foundervine, in association with Lloyd's Bank, to create educational videos that promote learning, inspiration, and community engagement. Furthermore, Shabbir is currently working on a television series titled 'Mindfulness Minutes,' focused on mental health and wellbeing. The series will feature bite-sized tutorial videos discussing the principles of mental health.


Shabbir's commitment to making a difference extends to his role as a peer researcher in the CONNECT study, which explores the contributions of social networks to the thriving of racially minoritised communities. His involvement in the study aims to enhance understanding of effective strategies for promoting good mental health within these communities.




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