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Peer researcher

Peer researchers are people who guide and conduct research based on their life experience of the topic being studied. As a peer researcher you will bring your experience and viewpoints around being a person from a racially minoritised community, social networks, and wellbeing, to guide and jointly produce key recommendations based on the project’s findings. We would like to involve peer researchers from the very beginning of the study, to incorporate your expertise and lived experience in every aspect of the CONNECT study. This project seeks to amplify the voice of people from local communities.

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WHAT is involved?

  • Peer researchers will form a group of 5 members

  • You will advise on, and develop, some of the project’s questions and methods, and reflect on the project’s findings to co-produce key recommendations

  • You will conduct interviews with members of the community and facilitate workshops

  • You will also have the opportunity to help analyse and interpret findings

  • You will help recruit people from your community to the project

  • You will help to share your findings with others in the community

  • The project also seeks to develop the knowledge and skills of peer researchers through their engagement in the project. You will receive training in research methods, partly through taking part in an online course on FutureLearn

  • The role involves up to 5 hours a week over a period of 12-14 months

  • You will be paid £25 per hour for your time

WHO CAN BE A PEEr researcher?

​You can be a peer researcher on the CONNECT study if:

  • You are aged 16 and over

  • Live in Southwark or Lambeth

  • Identify as being Black or a member of another ethnically minoritised group.

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