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CONtributions of social NEtworks to Community Thriving

What is the CONNECT study ?

The CONtributions of social NEtworks to Community Thriving (CONNECT) study will help us understand the best ways to promote good mental health among racially minoritised communities. We know that minoritised communities, which include those who have been historically excluded from involvement in our cities, as well as those continuing to face other barriers to civic participation, experience poorer mental health than others. People usually belong to more than one social group (intersectional) and this may lead to different experiences. The CONNECT study focuses primarily on Black and other racially minoritised groups, with an intersectional focus accounting for gender, sexuality, migration, socio-economic status, and more.

The CONNECT study will partner with people in the community by incorporating peer or community researchers as members of the research team. By doing this, we aim to bridge the gap between academia and the community. The study will also involve partnering with relevant stakeholders who can act on the research outcomes to enact change. Scroll down to read about some of our key partners, who include organisations working in strategies to promote community safety, employment and skills, and preventing violence against women and girls.

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What makes communities thrive?

Studying social capital (social relationships, social networks, social resources) can teach us about what makes communities thrive, and how this can be acted on and improved in the future. We particularly focus on four domains in which social networks may influence community thriving: 

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Community safety

Preventing violence
against women and girls

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Developing skills
and employment

Food security

City Biking

We're looking for people from Southwark and Lambeth to take part in interviews

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in partnership with


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Interested in helping us understand the best ways to promote good mental health among marginalised communities? Click below to find out how to get involved.

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